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What’s a Negative Keyword?

Google Adwords allows users to purchase advertisement space from them. Each of these ads requires a list of keywords that you add inside Adwords. Keywords are the words you want to rank high on when someone does a Google searches. A keyword example could be “pest control”. That keyword could run you $5 in certain areas if someone clicks on that ad. Now Google wants to spend your daily budget keeping your clicks to your website high. This means the keywords “pest control” only needs to be inside of the searched terms that the user entered on Google. Adwords allows you to enter in negative keywords so certain phrases don’t trigger your ad thus not paying for the click.

Here’s a list of keywords that can be added to a negative keyword list:

  • pest control jobs
  • pest control careers
  • pest control DIY
  • what’s inside pest control chemicals?
  • free pest control
  • pest control videos
  • pest control in (another city name)
  • pest control (another company name)
  • what is pest control?
  • pet control