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Get AMPd: What You Need to Know About Google AMP

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In today’s society, it is often instant gratification or nothing. People do not like waiting and that is why a significant number of website visitors will give up when a page they seek to engage takes more than a few seconds to load.

Google provided website owners with a solution to sluggish and slow loading websites in 2016 with their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. AMP technology has demonstrated the ability to load web pages in under a second while using a tenth of the data that is necessary to load other web pages.

Google AMP Explained

Google Amp technology specifically targets mobile users and provides for instant loading of web pages. Since its inception four years ago, more than 25 million domains that contain more than a billion and a half web pages have been published using AMP.

You will need to reproduce a version of your website that works in harmony with the project standards for AMP if you wish to build AMP pages. This is where an experienced digital marketer will come in handy. Once your site is optimized for use with AMP, you will receive a URL that will work with popular browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Visitors to your AMP pages will realize the fastest load times when they reach your page through Google searches. Google servers host AMP pages and deliver this content directly to visitors who navigate the Google platform.

The AMP concept is similar to InstantArticles from Facebook that allows Facebook users to read articles without the need to leave the platform. However, AMP pages are not limited to one platform. AMP Pages are supported by social media platforms, search engines, eCommerce websites, and more.

Why Choose Google AMP?

In addition to the faster than normal loading time enjoyed by AMP users, you will also receive the following benefits when you build pages with AMP:

Preferential Treatment for Google Searches

A big advantage that website owners who use Google AMP enjoy is the preferential treatment they receive from the Google search engine. In fact, news stories can only reach the number one spot in a Google ranking if the page that contains the story was built using AMP.

Decreased Bounce Rate

The increase in loading speed and mobile compatibility you enjoy with AMP means that visitors are much less likely to leave your page prematurely.

SEO Benefits

Google search engines automatically include AMP pages in search results. This means pages that are less than optimal for SEO are still easily discovered by Google users searching for products, services, or information.

Potential for increased Ad Revenue

AMP pages are coded in a manner that enhances the way images and banners are used. This leads to a higher visibility rate for advertisers that might make it possible for publishers to generate more ad income through their websites.

Traffic Growth

The faster loading time and improved browser experience associated with AMP pages make it more likely that page visitors will return. Visitors to AMP pages also spend more time interacting with publisher’s sites.

Get started with AMP

While the Googe AMP platform is relatively simple and straightforward, it is not too different from other digital marketing tools in that a significant number of nuances are involved with AMP that will greatly influence your prospects for success while using the platform. For this reason, it is suggested that you employ the services of a reputable digital marketer to guide you through the process.

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